Conservation in accordance with regulations

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Conserving in accordance with regulations: the complete solution

To meet the stringent regulatory requirements in the field of document conservation, we have thoroughly analyzed the needs of a vast market sample and the sector resolutions and have created our proprietary MoniDoc system.

MoniDoc offers in a single platform with everything you need for document management and compliant conservation, with a simple and pleasant browsing experience.

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Conservation is the activity aimed at protecting and safeguarding archives of documents and computer data over time.

A conservation system, as required by art.44 of the CAD, guarantees authenticity, integrity , reliability, readability and availability of IT documents.

Numerous regulations, including above all the AgID Guidelines of 10 September 2020 on the formation, management and conservation of IT documents, establish the rules for correct conservation in digital mode of documents, be they of a fiscal, tax, organizational or any other kind nature.

Already today, by way of example, the legal conservation of all electronic invoices sent by a company is mandatory according to the criteria defined by law.
For the documents for which this process is already an obligation but also for all the rest of the company documentation, not only the regulatory requests must be considered, but also the numerous advantages that companies can benefit from.

Some examples:
  • greater ease and speed in searching for a digital document instead of a paper one;
  • saving time and printing costs;
  • risk of possible loss of a paper document, greater than a digital one stored in accordance with regulations;
  • saving space dedicated to the document archive.

The AgID Certification

To guarantee our customers Quality Security we have achieved accreditation in the restricted Register of National Conservators of the Agency for Digital Italy (AgID).

We are also registered in the AgID services marketplace of conservation.

Our System responds 100% to the complex regulatory obligations in force.

With the MoniDoc platform you preserve your documents in a simple, quick and effective way.

Everything just a click away

The MoniDoc solution offers all the features to best manage the conservation process with maximum security:

– Stores electronic invoices sent and received

– Stores all types documents, such as payslips, LUL, CU, F24, journal, contracts, etc.

– Accepts most of the available formats (Xml, Pdf, Pdf/A, Tiff, Jpeg, omissis, Txt, …, Csv)

– Each function can be customized to best meet customer needs

– It guarantees authenticity, integrity, reliability, readability and availability of IT documents, as required by art. 44 of the CAD

– All documents are archived in the Cloud and available in the customer's reserved area for consultation and download of the digital duplicate

Choosing MoniDoc means growing your business with:


An easy and intuitive software that simplifies the life of your business


A reliable solution that can be integrated with your information systems quickly and effectively


A certified system to guarantee the best quality and security policies in the use of data


The support and continuous guidance of highly qualified people who will solve your operational problems together with you

GSP method

Flexibility + Customization

Rigid organisations, standard software platforms or inflexible procedures can be limiting. This is why we offer modular, flexible and customizable solutions.

Quality + Procedures

We use international quality procedures and systems that allow us to guarantee peace of mind and safety thanks to standards consolidated by the effectiveness of our methodology.

Speed + Simplify

Time is a fundamental resource, and our speed in finding simple and effective solutions allows you to keep up with the needs of the market and the demands of the competition.

Study + Commitment

Our proposal contains the know-how acquired over years of experience, the continuous study of regulations and sector dynamics, and the constant commitment to understanding needs and trends.

Technology + Innovation

The choice of means to achieve quality and effective objectives is fundamental. In this sense we make use of the best technological or in-house development partners, selecting and proposing more innovative solutions.


We are constantly committed to maintaining high quality standards to guarantee our customers the best overall quality management.